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Let's keep growing this Community #Celsians ! Let me know if you want to join our Ambassador program. BTW, today's meetup was refreshing! #Celsius #crypto. #Bitcoin #ETH #CEL #HODL #UnbankYourself #HomeForCrypto
We had another successful #SCVCrypto meetup today! Thank you to both in-person and virtual attendees! Havana Savannah Coffee Shop is home base. Message us if you would like to join the next meeting in 2 weeks. We're here to grow #Celsius and #crypto. #Bitcoin #ETH #CEL #HODL
I would have to guess Max & Mike know more. I mean after all, they invested in Swan so I’m sure they did their homework on the competition..NOT!! Will be funny to see who is still here in another 5 years & who is not. I know where I’m placing my bet. #UnBankYourself #HODL
Who knows more about Celsius? Competing company mouthpieces or the 2nd largest pension fund in Canada who invested 400+ million into them after they did 8 months of due dillagance. "Celsius puts transparency & customer protection at the core of their operations." #Bitcoin #Crypto
So true. @CelsiusNetwork is a company that has helped many over multiple bear markets and this is how the jealous try to come at them. It’s almost like the banks are paying them to fud against Celsius so people will not #UnBankYourself & #HODL
So according to @mikealfred Celsius Network used liquid customer funds to fund their mining operation 🤣🤣🤣 dude WTF or they used profits, debt and part of their $850 million funding round. Dude common with the FUD already. #Bitcoin #Crypto
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Try it on @CelsiusNetwork . It is always $0 #Unbankyourself from all who charge fees
Different display on the screenshot then normal! The interface timed out but the buy order went through! A little bit later then normal but had a tennis match last night so had to take some extra rest 😜 #unbankyourself #btc #stackingsats #dcaarmy
Swaps and crypto cards globally (ESPECIALLY developing nations) or GTFO with your #unbankyourself @Mashinsky @CelsiusNetwork
Still no swap in app for me sadly. When New Zealand Alex?