Two mining pools with ~34% of the hashing power haven't updated their node software to process Taproot transactions yet (@f2pool_official and @AntPoolofficial). We'll keep monitoring and activate the use of Taproot addresses for change outputs as soon as that happens.

Nov 15, 2021 · 11:46 PM UTC

It looks like @f2pool_official had their nodes up to date, but didn't have any peers relaying taproot transactions. Thanks for the update @0xB10C!
Update: F2Pool included their first P2TR spend (…) today in block 710269. F2Pool reached out, and we debugged the issue: Nodes are up-to-date but didn't have any >=v0.21.1 peers (due to custom patches and addnode) that relayed P2TR spends. That's fixed now.
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And now @AntPoolofficial is mining taproot transactions too!
Update 2: AntPool included their first P2TR spend (…) in block 710494. All pools that mined ten or more blocks since taproot activation have included at least one P2TR spend.
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The more things change, the more they stay the same...
f2pool dumped bitcoin on the market multiple times this bull run, am not surprised they haven't updated their software.
Why is @f2pool_official celebrating Taproot then? I’m confused
f2pool mined #Bitcoin block #709632, the block of #Taproot activation! Congrats on Bitcoin’s new stage with strengthened privacy and scalability, and we are proud to secure Bitcoin with the miner community. #wagmi!…