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We need the Spidey-Head instead of the black void on New Mutants 87. ATTN: @DavidYuNZ @veve_official @Daniel00077 @reverendalexg 🕷️🕸️⭕️ #VeVe #VeVecollectibles #MasterCollectors #MarvelComics
It’s Friday the 13th and I decided to finally get this book today. FA Darkhold.
Comic Wednesday what did you pick up today? Today I got a couple variants of the new ASM 1. After I found a darkhawk 1 and marvels greatest collectors of what if spider-girl so I had to grab them.
Am I the only one who thinks @veve_official should lower the price of comics to be 3.99 or 4.99. A physical A cover comic today is normally 3.99 and the markets on Veve are starting to continuously reflect that.
A thread to why I am no longer going for comic drops on VeVe and only for the rebounds.
I keep on getting fucking commons.
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Hey @elonmusk! Can you verify @veve_official now? Cool, thx.
If we include the top dog comic todays drop was the 93rd comic dropped on VeVe. Makes me wonder what we are getting for the 100th drop.
If a buyer reserves a comic or collectible and the seller delist and lowers the price is the buyer the only one locked in for the sale until their time is up or does it go back into the market? #VeVecollectibles @veve_official
This reserve on the buy now is a bad idea. @veve_official Someone can click buy now on an item and just let it go without purchasing it. They can do this with several accounts to manipulate the floor. This can make sellers think that the floor is lower than what it really is.
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Bruh this is epic @veve_official the coke orb making the showroom look like a party.
Went to a Walmart only to find out they had -4 HRO packs. Does anyone know why this might be other than they sold out?
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A pyr⭕️ PSA: short thread Good Evening, morning, or afternoon everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for the recent love & support, been a crazy week. I'm not a limelight guy, i usually a sit in the back and never raise my hand type of guy, so it's all been quite foreign (1/?)
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I'm going to do this for the April Bot Boycott ... The last 2 drops we had +10% & + 30% new UniqueOwners. If we can beatdown the bots all month and keep that number under 50% for every drop I'll throw the SR the bots sent me to a random retweeter! @veve_official (1/2)
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UR Mickey fuck yes!
So this is kind of cool just got an email saying my song, "R.S.E", has been added to the @distrokid DistroKid Punk playlist open.spotify.com/playlist/5Y… #distrokid #playlistspotlight
Some projects feel like a cult.